fknshtduude (fknshtduude) wrote,

I wanna go to Numbers.

These past couple weeks, have been the weirdest of my life. I've hung out with people I never thought I would, I did stuff I promised myself I wouldn't. My room is trashed.

Why can't I hangout somewhere besides my house?

I need to get a house with some rich fuckers and throw parties, so then I won't have to clean up all by myself, hah.

So, McFly has a couple really weird music videos that I am totally in love with. Ballad of Paul K, which is really creepy, and "Nightmare Before Christmas" like. Also, Room on the 3rd Floor, which is them, made into plastic, and they're like, dismembered heads. Haha, weeeird. I have them on my MySpace, so go watch them. Here.

Anything else?

I dunno,
I might post more later.

I don't have plans for tonight, so I'm gonna be on the computer probably.

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